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Press Enquiries

Independent Information Experts

We welcome enquiries from the press and media about any aspect relating to credit reporting, credit scores and privacy issues. Please contact richard.catlin@checkmyfile.com.au.

Here are some examples of what our UK colleagues have done:

  • For a TV documentary we showed how it is possible to use credit scoring to obtain over $1m of new credit for an out of work actor in just four weeks (but don't try this at home of course)
  • For a mainstream radio channel aimed at young adults, we walked four volunteer listeners through their credit reports, live on air
  • For top financial journalists we have provided substantial research and support for articles
  • For local media we have compared the identity fraud risks of two local areas
  • On major data breaches we have provided expert opinion on the impact and on action that needed to be taken by the victims of the data breach
  • Where we are aware of identity fraud being targeted locally, we have alerted local banks and have provided police stations and libraries with posters highlighting the streets most at risk

Remember, we are completely independent, we champion consumer interests, and can always give authoritative and considered opinion on any credit related topic.

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