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Banking and Credit Card Surveys

Summary of Most Recent Survey Results

The most dramatic observation to come from our most recent Banking and Credit Card Survey is the fall of ANZ from the favours of its customers who had previously rated it reasonably well. Consistently across product offerings, both credit card customers and banking customers now rate it poorly and a much higher number of respondents than normal went on to explain why, e.g:

"I have a $3500 credit card and a $50,000 term deposit with ANZ I have banked with them for 7 years. I have recently applied for a credit card increase for an overseas holiday and I was told by the ANZ staff member that I was "not credit worthy" - this is ridiculous I only asked for a limit of $10,000.00. My balance is paid off every month. All my purchases are made on my card. I have never been late or missed any payments; my credit rating is AAA... I even get offered every 3-6 months a limit increase which I decline because I didn't need it. When my term deposit is due to renew I'll be talking my money somewhere else."

Smaller banks and credit card companies did particularly well and are now punching well above their weight, with Bendigo receiving both an increase in market share and in more favourable reviews.

In credit cards, NAB tops the table for customer service in terms of the company polling the largest proportion of excellent ratings. If the poll is extended to excellent and very good ratings, American Express comes out top, a consistent performer in all of our surveys since 2009.

2013 Survey Results

Looking at the rest of the survey, there are few significant changes. The respondent pool is slightly younger than previously. The only noticeable shift in other areas is that customers are less impressed by banks, with customer service ratings falling back.

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