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Sophie Regester

Sophie has a degree in Creative and Contemporary Writing and English Studies. Sophie has a passion for writing and covers most areas of personal finance.

Sophie is a Senior Credit Analyst at checkmyfile.

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Why tipping can sometimes be a moral minefield

By Sophie Regester

Do you tip? Many customers across the world continue to feel obliged to tip for service even when they don’t feel it’s justified.

A growing trend seems to be to avoid the situation and ban tipping altogether. This policy has recently been introduced in the Sushi Yasuda Japanese restaurant in New York. The owner wanted to eliminate the “math equation” to improve the dining experience and he argues that he compensates his staff by paying them a good wage and benefits. This makes sense when you consider similar non-tipping traditions in Japan. In other countries, such as Iceland and Fiji, the custom of tipping is also considered embarrassing and can cause offence.

Tipping has become so expe .....

25 Jun 2013 by

Sophie Regester


Personal Finance

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